Titles provided for identification only

Jay Arnold, Kirkland Deputy Mayor
Dave Asher, former Kirkland City Councilmember

Mark Buenting
Seth Buchanan
Santos Contreras, former Kirkland City Councilmember
Kelli Curtis, Kirkland City Councilmember 
Ken Davidson, Former Fire District 41 Commissioner
Rod Dembowski, King County Councilmember
Doug Davis
Timothy Day
Manka Dhingra, State Senator, 45th District
J. Donald and Merrily Dicks
Davina Duerr, State Representative, 1st District
Amy Falcone, Kirkland City Councilmember
Roger Goodman, State Representative, 45th District
David Greschler and Paula White
Bill Hoover
Patty Kuderer, State Senator, 48th District

Stephanie Miller

Jason Moore
Bea Nahon

Shelley Kloba, State Representative, 1st District

Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Councilmember, former Fire District 41 Commissioner

Jon Pascal, Kirkland City Councilmember

Cassandra Sage, Lake Washington School Board Director
Vandana Slatter, State Representative, 48th District

Larry Springer, State Representative, 45th District
Derek Stanford, State Senator, 1st District
Penny Sweet, Kirkland Mayor
Jeff Tomlin, MD, CEO Evergreen Health
Gus Simpson
Heather Triplett
Susan Vossler

Amy Walen, State Representative, 48th District, former Kirkland Mayor

Kirkland Firefighters Local 2545

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